Associate Degree Requirements

Associate Degree Requirements

An associate degree in genealogical research requires 66 hours of successfully completed required courses.  Upon successful completion of all requirements listed below, you will be awarded either a Certificate from Heritage Genealogical College (HGCC) or an AA in Genealogical Research.  Below are the required courses to take for this degree and a suggested schedule:

First Semester

Introduction to Genealogical Research = 3 semester credit hours

Genealogical Writing I = 2 semester credit hours

Paleography = 3 semester credit hours

U.S. History to 1865 = 3 semester credit hours

Genealogical Computer Programs: Learning Genealogy Storage Systems (PAF, Legacy, Roots Magic, Ancestral Quest, etc., widely used genealogy computer programs, and databases that may be used as electronic genealogical filing cabinets used by genealogists for organizing genealogical research and records, and databases for research such as Bygones Genealogical Software (an electronic research log) = 1 semester credit hour

American Civilization = 3 semester credit hours

TOTAL = 15 semester credit hours

Second Semester

Genealogical Writing II (Journal articles, newsletters, etc. = 2 semester credit hours

U.S. History from 1865 to Present = 3 semester credit hours

Ethics & Fraud in Genealogy = 3 semester credit hour

Genealogical Vocabulary = 1 semester credit hours

Case Studies in Genealogical Problem Solving = 2 semester credit hours

Beginning Foreign Language I: Choose from – DAN 101, Danish (with Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish equivalents), or FRN 101 French, GER 101 German, ITL 101 Italian, POR 101 Portuguese, SPN 101 Spanish, = 5 semester credit hours

TOTAL = 16 semester credit hours

Third Semester

History of Western Civilization to 1300 = 3 semester credit hours

Writing Life Stories from Genealogical Research Sources = 1 semester credit hour

Missing Heir Searches = 1 semester credit hour

Human Genetics in Genealogical Research = 3 semester credit hour

Beginning Foreign Language II: DAN 102 Danish (with Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish equivalents), or FRN 102 French, GER 102German, ITL 102Italian, POR 102 Portuguese, SPN 102 Spanish = 5 semester credit hours

Foreign Research I (British Isles, French, German and Scandinavian Genealogical Research = 2 semester credit hours

Genealogical Research Apprenticeship = 2 semester credit hours

TOTAL = 17 semester credit hours

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