Certificate Requirements

            The Genealogy Certificate Program is designed to prepare students to enter the field of genealogical research and/or enjoy verifying and tracing their own ancestry. The course work focuses on teaching students how to develop solid research and organizational skills and the proper use of genealogical records and sources. In addition, students are introduced to early American handwriting, writing for genealogical publications and US history. The programcombines both classroom and practical hands-on research experience through its course offerings.

            The Genealogy Certificate program is a three-semester program for full-time students. Students who successfully complete the program are awarded a One-Year Certificate of Completion (40 semester hours) by the Heritage Genealogical College.  


It is the student's responsibility to examine each course description for details of prerequisite classes. Those prerequisites must be satisfied before the designated class may be taken.


The semesters in which courses are taught are listed within the course descriptions. Students should check the semester class schedule for day/evening availability and other modifications to the semester schedule.





GEN 101 Verifying Genealogical Research - 3 credit hours - taught ALL semesters (Internet)

CPT 103 Genealogical Computer Programs - 1 credit hours - taught ALL semesters (Internet)

ENG 111 Genealogical Writing I - 2 credit hours - taught ALL semesters - (Internet) Prerequisite Computer Literacy

ENG 212 Genealogical Writing II - 2 credit hours - taught ALL semesters - (Internet) Prerequisite GEN 1110

PHY 220 Case Studies in Problem Solving I (with historical and genealogical emphasis) - 2 credit hours - taught ALL semesters - (Internet) Prerequisite GEN 101

SOC 221 Ethics & Fraud in Genealogy - 3 credit hours - taught ALL semesters (Internet)

FRL 122 Genealogical Vocabulary - 1 credit hour - taught ALL semesters (Internet)

GEN 230 United States Vital, Church, & Census Records - 3 credit hours - taught ALL semesters (Internet)

GEN 231 United States Court, Immigration, & Probate Records - 3credit hours - taught ALL semesters (Internet)

GEN 232 United States Land, Property, and Military Records - 3credit hours - taught ALL semesters (Internet)

FRL 101 Conversational Foreign Language I (several languages available) - 5credit hours - taught ALL semesters (Internet) 

FRL 240 Paleography - 3credit hours - taught ALL semesters - (Internet) Prerequisite: Eng Proficient

HIS 170 American Civilization - 3credit hours - taught in ALL semesters (Internet)

HIS 270 US History to 1865 - 3 credit hours - taught in ALL semesters (Internet)

HIS 271 US History Since 1865 - 3credit hours - taught in ALL semesters (Internet)

These courses will count towards the Associate Degree and/or Bachelor Degree in Genealogical Research with a history minor by Heritage Genealogical College.

Certificates of Completion will only be given to students who make a grade of 70% or higher following testing or to Internet students who make a grade of 70% or higher after testing on internet courses or intensive genealogical research conferences. These Certificates will be awarded upon completion of all courses required for the Genealogical Certificate Program.

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