Genealogy Instructors & Assistants

Rita Gil Biggers, BS (Computer Science) - Mexican, Central, and South American Genealogy instructor. (Native of Mexico.)

Jane Carpenter, BS (Genealogy), MS (Archeology) - specializes in the Northeastern United States.

Jeanette K. B. Daniels, BA (Genealogy), BS (Early Childhood Education - Child Development and Family Relations and Elementary Education) - (AG from The Family History Library between 1977-2003 Southern States and 1995-2005 Norweigan Research) specializing in Southern United States and Scandinavian research

Marietta Glauser, BA (Genealogy), AA (General Studies) - specializing in United States, French and Greek Research

Gordon S. Harmon, BS (Biology/Chemistry), MPH (Public Health), HGCC (Genealogy Certificate) - specializing in early colonial and Midwestern United States and ancestral military research. (deceased)

Diana Harvey, BS (English), MA (Education), HGCC (Genealogy Certificate) - specializing in United States and Polish Research

Ralph Oldland, BA (Genealogy), HGCC (Genealogy Certificate) - specializing in United States and Scandinavian Research

Steve Parks, AG Scandinavian Research (deceased)

James W. Petty, BS (Genealogy), BA (History), AG (Southern, Midwestern, Northeastern United States Research), CGRS, specializing in United States Research and Professional Genealogical and Historical Writing - owner of Heirlines Genealogy and Family Research

Richard W. Price, Price and Associates, President, is an Accredited Genealogist in English research (International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists) He has been involved in genealogy professionally since 1969, making regular research trips to England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, as well as many United States archives since 1974. He was a contributing author to The Source: A Guidebook of American Genealogy and has presented papers for the National Genealogical Society and Utah Genealogical Association conferences. He was a founder and president of the Association of Professional Genealogists and president of Utah Genealogical Association, Professional Chapter. He was awarded a Master of Arts degree in Family and Local History from Brigham Young University. His thesis studied English child naming patterns 1558-1740.

Foreign Language Instructors

Rex C. Biggers, BA - French Language Instructor (resided in France 1995-1997)

Rita Gil Biggers, BS - Spanish language Instructor, (Native of Mexico)

Sandra Charles, HGCC - Portuguese language instructor, (Native of Brazil)

Hannelore Horten - German language instructor (Native of Germany)

Roselie Mirabelli - Italian language instructor (Parents were natives of Italy)

History Instructors

Gordon S. Harmon, MA - United States History and Genealogy (deceased)

Medical, Genetics, & Health Instructors

Paul N. Daniels, BA (Biology), BS (Science), DPM (Doctorate Podiatric Medicine)

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