Current students (2015) are working on two area research projects with projected research goals. The first research project will be in the Accomack County, Virginia area (including surrounding counties and Maryland records.)

The projected goals will be finding relationships between the Bird and Walker families to the Teackle family. The second project consists of doing German genealogical research for the Horten family and making the transition from the United States back to Germany.


Three of our students have had articles
published in genealogical publications.

Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings
A Look at Some Original Documents
From Heritage Quest Magazine May/June 2003

To read this article, go to the MAIN MENU on the far right-hand side of the Heritage Genealogical College website, near the bottom of the page. The article is split into three separate pages.

To go along with the article, Heritage Genealogical College students applied for and won a grant from Salt Lake Community College to bring two Jefferson descendants - one white and one black to lecture about their experience of finding out that they were related to each other. They now work together to promote peace between the races.

Julia and Shay

Shay Banks-Young (Left) and Julia Jefferson Westerinen (Right)

This event was held on Friday October 10, 2003.

Race in America: Conversation in Black & White
12 pm Salt Lake Community College

Free public presentation. Descendants of Thomas Jefferson & Sally Hemings. Julia Jefferson Westerinen & Shay Banks-Young. Julia's ancestor is Eston Hemings, who changed his name to E.H. Jefferson, moved to Wisconsin and passed for white. Shay's ancestor is Madison Hemings, who stayed in Ohio in the black community & was active in the Underground Railroad. Redwood campus 4600 S. Redwood Rd. - Student Center, Oak Room

Featured Students

glauser harvey ouelette
Marietta Glauser, Diana Harvey, Carol Ouelette

Three of the students who completed their Genealogical Certificate with Heritage Genealogical College have worked as Teacher Assistants for Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, UT, and Heritage Genealogical College, Salt Lake City, Utah. (Students: Marietta Glauser, Diana Harvey, and Ralph Oldland)

Five students have been placed with professional genealogical firms in Salt Lake City, UT and do non-superivsed and supervised research for pay while they continue their education. (Students: Ralph Oldland, Jonette Brown, Shawn Magnuson, Sandra Charles, and JoAnne Billings.)

Three additional students have begun their own professional genealogical research companies and do genealogical research for their own private clients while attending classes. (Students: Marietta Glauser, Diana Harvey, and Sandra Charles) One of these two students (Diana Harvey) worked for The Taylorsville Clipper, Taylorsville, Utah, writing the Genealogy Column for several months before the paper went out of business and taught genealogical research through the Granite School District Continuing Education Program.

Three students were published (two students more than one article) in genealogical publications and received payment for their articles. Their articles were written as class assignments and submitted and accepted by magazines unaffiliated with Heritage Genealogical College. (Students: Marietta Glauser, Diana Harvey, and Carol Ouelette) See the featured students above.

(Terry Smith), former student, was hired over 100 applicants by a legal assistance firm in Salt Lake City, Utah while he continues on with his genealogical studies. His research background was the difference in his being hired. Jonette Brown's research background made the difference when she applied for and got hired full-time by the Jordan School District. She researches the best bus routes for children in the district.

Former student, (Annette Nelson), has been employed by a cemetery in Bountiful, Utah. She researches unused grave sites to find the current owners and buys them back to resale or to offer them for sale by owner. She took two classes from HGC and classes from another genealogy program. She uses the skills that she obtained in the Missing Heirs class at HGC for her job at the cemetery.

Holly Haas has established her own genealogical research business in New Hampshire.

Juanita Friedenberg was hired to work for Brandenburger and Davis, heir search firm for a year going to court houses to search for cases in Florida. She is currently creating her own genealogical research business in Georgia.

Ralph Oldland is creating his own genealogical research company in Utah.
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